Algebra Survival Guide: A Conversational Handbook for the Thoroughly Befuddled

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No longer shall algebra be confusing!   The Algebra Survival Guide lives up to its name by helping students get through the most treacherous areas of PreAlgebra and Algebra 1. Students who work their way through the Guide will master all of the following topics: Properties of Numbers, Sets of Numbers, Positive and Negative Numbers, the Order of Operations, Absolute Value, Exponent Rules, Radical Rules, Factoring Procedures, Cancelling, Solving Equations, the Coordinate Plane and yes even those dreaded Word Problems.   What's more, the new Second Edition tackles the most challenging problems, the advanced word problems that cause students the greatest confusion. In rapid succession, this book's 62-page bonus chapter teaches students how to: 1) decode any word problem's language, 2) create expressions for quantities, 3) write the correct equation, and 4) find the answer. Working through these pages, students will master the challenging word problems of high school algebra: problems dealing with coin quantities, rate-time-distance, boat speeds, chemical mixtures and work performed. The Algebra Survival Guide is uniquely successful, in large part, because it uses an engaging question/answer format. Based on author Josh Rappaport's many years as a math tutor, the book poses the questions that students want to ask but feel too scared to do so in the classroom. In response to each candid question, the book presents the answer in conversational prose that's clear, friendly and instructive, just like having a tutor at your side.   Winner of a Parents' Choice Commendation and a Golden Porch award for instructional excellence, the Survival Guide not only calms the nerves of befuddled algebra students, it also helps parents re-learn algebra so they, in turn, can, help their children. The Guide's pages are packed with practice problems (and their answers), to help students stay on track each careful step of the way.And the Second Edition Survival Guide is also aligned with the new Common Core Standards, making it ever-more relevant in today's test-focused times.   The Guide contains problems and answers. But for even more support, get the companion Algebra Survival Guide Workbook, which provides thousands of additional problems, each problem set keyed to a specific lesson of the Guide. With these two books, students can achieve mathematical mastery of this important subject.

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