Amma Therapy: A Complete Textbook of Oriental Bodywork and Medical Principles

  • ISBN-13: 9780892814886
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The word Amma, which means "push-pull" in Chinese, was applied to a form of Oriental massage dating back five thousand years to the period of the Yellow Emperor. Founded and developed by Korean-born Tina Sohn, Amma Therapy is a highly refined and complex system of bodywork whose techniques and treatment strategies combine the use of traditional Oriental medical principles and a Western approach to organ dysfunction. It utilizes a variety of techniques, sometimes paralleling those found in major forms of therapeutic massage, as well as powerful new points discovered by Tina Sohn.• This revised and enlarged edition now serves as a textbook for bodyworkers.• Accompanied by extensive illustrations and twenty detailed treatments for a variety of common medical conditions, this teaching guide explains and demonstrates the proper execution of Amma Therapy techniques applied directly to the physical body.• Includes nutritional and exercise recommendations providing a remarkably holistic guide for practitioners and students in all fields of bodywork.

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