Arabian Parts Decoded

  • ISBN-13: 9780866904711
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The Arabian Parts Decoded is an all-encompassing work on the ancient techniques of the Arabian Parts, also called Points, Lots, and Fortunes. First used more than 2,000 years ago, their mystique has survived and thrived throughout the centuries. Lind Weber, an astrologer who has calculated and studied thousands of Parts as they apply to various events, thoroughly explains how to formulate the Arabian Parts for any event or question. He reveals the startling discoveries he made regarding the calculation of the Parts, thus taking their use to a new level. Also in this dynamic volume, which includes thorough attention to Fortuna, is the use of the Arabian Parts in natal charts and in forecasting an unlimited variety of events-with many examples to illustrate the author's concepts. He includes progressed Parts, midpoints, and aspects to Jupiter and Saturn. Never has a volume about the Arabian Parts been as complete as this one, which brings one of astrology's most ancient techniques to the modern age.

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