Basic Greek in Thirty Minutes a Day: New Testament Greek Workbook for Laymen

  • ISBN-13: 9780871232854
  • $11.17

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The author, in consultation with a professor teaching first-year Greek, has developed a self-study system which puts a working knowledge of Greek within the realm of possibility for almost anyone!This workbook is for the one who may not have either the time or the opportunity for a formal, college-level Greek course. As an introduction to Greek, it is also valuable preparation for a standard academic course.After completion of this study, the student will be able to pronounce Greek words fluently and will know the Greek alphabet. He can also know the meaning of hundreds of New Testament words, understand the background of dozens of religious terms through seeing the Greek components which form them, recognize relationships between Bible words which may not be easily apparent in English translations, use Greek dictionaries and other reference books, and understand the general outlines of Greek grammar.A New Testament Greek workbook for laymen, so simply presented that the student will begin reading some Greek the very first day!

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