Beachcruising and Coastal Camping

  • ISBN-13: 9780918752154
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This is a "how-to" book, packed with information to help you go beachcruising and/or coastal camping, no matter what your level of expertise may be. This book includes everything you need to know about selecting a beachcruising boat, where to beachcruise, how to make camp, what gear to buy, and more, including how to go cruising and camping at low cost. Ida Little has beachcruised and coastal camped full time for 20 years (in a variety of boats) and has observed what other cruisers and campers were doing. She shares her knowledge and adventures with you. In this book, "beachcruising" means cruising a small boat along a coast with the intention of camping ashore. Though it is possible to use 50-foot schooners to go beachcruising, this book focuses on small sailboats that are light enough to be lifted or rolled ashore, and sailboats under 30 feet which are designed to dry out flat on an ebb tide. This book elaborates upon the unique aspects of camping that apply to boating.

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