Beginning Argentine Tango: To the people who are interested in dancing Argentine Tango--This is how to do it

  • ISBN-13: 9781468083477
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Argentine Tango is awesome to watch in shows, and dancing it is famously addictive. However, many people are afraid to take a step to actually dance Argentine Tango. Instructors can teach only the Brave, who actually show up in a class. This book is intended to reach out to all people curious about dancing Tango. This book will get you prepared to dance Argentine Tango. Excerpts from Introduction: “This book is written with one purpose: to provide practical working knowledge for actually dancing Argentine Tango on the dance floor from a dancer’s standpoint.” “In other words, I wrote this book for the girl whom I met on the Salsa floor and wanted to learn Argentine Tango, for the guy who asked, “wow, that was cool. Can you show me the move again?” and for the couple who watched TV shows and wanted to learn Argentine Tango for their Anniversary.” This book explains; Characteristics of Argentine Tango as a Dance, What to Wear, the Music, Floor Usage in Milonga (Argentine Tango party), How to Embrace, the Axis, Six Basic Elements and additional elements, and much more. By reading this book, you’ll know; What they are doing in the Tango routine on TV shows Why the step practice you did to learn Salsa doesn’t work well for learning Argentine Tango Why Ballet dancers and Figure Skaters are ready to dance Argentine Tango What is the most Important job for the beginning Tango Leader and the Follower, …etc. [PS. Reasons to read this book] Money: Learning Argentine Tango from the beginning with instructors costs money. One 1-hour group workshop is priced between $10-$35, and a private lesson costs $40-$80 (or more). This book saves you money. Time: This book gives you guidance, helps to shorten your learning time, and prepares you to enjoy Argentine Tango sooner and faster. Power: Knowledge is power. This book empowers you on the dance floor. ……the bottom line is that the authors wish to help you get started for dancing Argentine Tango. Soon it will become your journey. Whatever path you choose to take, the authors wish you well for your journey.

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