Calling Clergy: A Spiritual and Practical Guide Through the Search Process

  • ISBN-13: 9780898695434
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This clear, beautifully written tool for congregations engaged in the discernment and search process is a balanced combination of spiritual reflection and practical advice, born of the author's extensive experience as deployment officer in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. The bonus of additional Appendix material, including a sample congregational questionnaire and other invaluable resources, available for free download below, make Calling Clergy a must-read book for parish search committees, vestry members, and other parish leaders. NOW AVAILABLE! Resources for the Discernment Process: An Online Appendix to Calling Clergy, including: Resource 1: Resources for Your Spiritual Guide Resource 2: Leader's Guide for Focus Group meetings to Develop Profile Resource 3: Additional Focus Group Information Resource 4: Vestry Charge to Self-Study and Discernment Committees Resource 5: Transition Consultant Covenant Resource 6: Commissioning of Self-Study or Discernment Committee Members Resource 7: Mountain Climber Poster (NOTE: This file is 4 MB and may take a few moments to download, depending on your connection speed.) Resource 8: Humorous Material Resource 9: Sample Questionnaire for Profile Preparation (available in Word or RTF format) Resource 10: Sample Congregational Statements Resource 11: SPACEPOW Grid Resource 12: Sample Cover Letter for Initial Packet Resource 13: Visiting Team Evaluation Sheet Resource 14: Proposal to Elect a Rector/Vicar Letter Resource 15: Letter of Election Resource 16: Survival Kit for a New Rector/Vicar Resource 17: Discerning your Gifts Retreat Handout: Scripture Passages About Community Resource 18: Anti-Racism Workshop Handout A: A Personal Inventory Resource 19: Anti-Racism Handout B: Understanding White Privilege

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