Christians and Evolution: Christian Scholars Change Their Mind

  • ISBN-13: 9780857215246
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The issue of 'creation v. evolution' divides Christians, particularly evangelicals. It has proved a convenient stick for Professor Dawkins to beat the Church with; it has also been a stumbling block for young believers. The issue concerns how God acts in His world, and by extension how we should act in God's world. Professor R. J Berry assembles a wide range of distinguished contributors, all convinced, committed and orthodox Christian believers, each of whom has undertaken a conceptual journey, based on sound science and careful theology, from a creationist position to one in which God's creation and the processes of evolution are properly and credibly integrated. The book offers a pathway for doubters, sceptics and conservative Christians to embrace the overall scientific consensus of the evolutionary approach, while holding solidly and without reservation to the doctrines of God's creation and God's omnipotence.

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