Coaching Girls' Softball: From the How-To's of the Game to Practical Real-World Advice--Your Definitive Guide to Successfully Coaching Girls

  • ISBN-13: 9780761532507
  • Author: Kathy Strahan
  • Publisher: Three Rivers Press
  • Publication date: 2001-08-09
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 224
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Coach Girls for Success on and off the FieldCoaching girls' softball can be a wonderful experience. Witness the intensity of a batter connecting with a ball, a runner digging for home, or a fielder making a great catch, and you can't help but be inspired. The effort, pride, and enjoyment on players' faces are great rewards for parents and the sign of a good coach—the type of coach you want to be. So how can you get there?Perfect for coaches of girls up to age 13, Coaching Girls' Softball includes everything you need to be an outstanding coach and mentor to your team. Whether you are a seasoned coach looking to fine-tune your skills or a rookie looking to take the field running, you'll discover techniques for success that are tailored specifically to the needs of girls, including:·Drills and strategies for coaches new to the world of coaching softball ·Tips on what girls want and need from their softball experience ·Practical suggestions on how to motivate in a positive and encouraging way ·Advice for helping girls deal with their changing bodies ·And much more! Now you can be a coaching winner and help bring out the best in your players, both on the field and in the game of life.

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