Coastal Retreats: The Pacific Northwest and the Architecture of Adventure

  • ISBN-13: 9780789308016
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From a rustic beach house on Puget Sound to a desert retreat on the high plateau of southeast Oregon to a cabin nestled in a forest of Douglas firs, vacation and retreat architecture in the Pacific Northwest is as varied as the terrain itself. The best examples of retreat architecture in the country are here, from ageless timber homes belonging to early Northwest moguls to today's "days away" architecture-- lodges, cabins, and summer cottages that communicate the exuberance for year-round outdoor adventure. With ideal terrain for hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, fly-fishing, and more, the Pacific Northwest is a mecca for lovers of the outdoors, and as a result, a flood of new wealth is being poured into lifestyle architecture in this area. Retreats here are designed to keep the terrain at the inhabitants' fingertips and to adapt to such unique demands as where to park one's glider.These days Americans can be as remote as they want to be. This book demonstrates how retreat architecture can now respond to our recreational needs while providing comfort and beauty so we can settle down in style.

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