Colorado Quilting: From Mountains to Plains

  • ISBN-13: 9780764345968
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This book is the culmination of more than 125 years of tradition and countless "Documentation Days," during which quilting council members record the block technique, age, batting, backing, and color of each quilt their fellow quilters trust them to preserve. Thirteen chapters explore important historical quilting moments, traditional and modern quilting themes, and the beginnings of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and the Quilter's Newsletter magazine. Different council members researched, photographed, and recorded the most significant events, memories, quilters, and quilts that have influenced the progress of quilting in Colorado. Early Coloradans picked their own cotton, saved every scrap of used fabric, and made quilts from scratch to support their families and for therapy as they recovered from serious injuries and illnesses. Many of these sacred stitches are still works in progress and continue to illustrate what's important to these dedicated craftspeople.

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