Colorist's Special Effects - color interior: Step by step guides to making your adult coloring pages POP!

  • ISBN-10: 9781546646594
  • $30.17

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This book is bursting with approx. 60 STEP BY STEP guides/techniques to items commonly found in ADULT COLORING BOOKS... such as:Various gems, clouds, fairy wings, spotted mushrooms, skintone, eyes, waterdrops, gem bugs, flowers, hearts, dazzling mermaid scales, glinting crystals, glowing lanterns, soap bubbles, gold crown, chrome effects, galactic stars, transluscent fairy wings and dust trails... & so much more!  BACKGROUND tricks & ideas step by step! and PRACTICE areas on most pages for you to practice on the page of the guides!  Plus separate practice pages and scenes! Plus BONUS color charts at the end to record your colors and mediums. This book is the COLOR interior version.This book is also available in paperback with a grayscale rather than coloured guides interior. plus!! More supportive material of free coloring pages that coincide with this book will be posted to my website: 

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