Continuing the Reformation: Re-Visioning Baptism in the Episcopal Church

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This book documents the Episcopal Church's developing focus on baptism within the context of the liturgical movement, the emerging understanding of the eucharist, prayer book revision, and the confirmation dilemma. Drawing on historical and contemporary sources, the author presents a credible case in support of her belief that a baptismal ecclesiology is emerging from these events that have enabled people to accept a radically different initiatory pattern in the church. This book exhibits clarity on the issues discussed with the support of solid scholarship and lucid writing. Contents: The Tradtional Anglican Pattern The Emergence of a Eucharistic Ecclesiology The Renewal of Baptism The Dilemma of Confirmation Admission to Communion Turning Points Toward a New Pattern of Christian Initiation: Communion of all the Baptized Redefining Confirmation The 1979 Baptismal Rite Enriching the Prayer Book Baptism and Reaffirmation of Faith Includes appendices, bibliography, and index.

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