Cooking Light Way to Cook Grilling: The Complete Visual Guide to Healthy Grilling

  • ISBN-13: 9780848735937
  • $10.81

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For over 20 years, Cooking Light has been showing readers how to grill healthfully. In this highly visual book, including more than 550 full-color images step-by-step instructions of the techniques used at Cooking Light, readers learn exactly how to grill in a healthier way without sacrificing bold flavors. These gas, charcoal, and indoor grilling techniques are supplemented by a wide variety of delicious recipes-from barbecue and smoked meats to burgers and vegetables. This guide also includes the best kitchen tips and techniques, detailed information about the ingredients that are the basis of healthy grilling, delicious recipes, and plenty of images of the finished dishes so you can see exactly what you're preparing. Features: More than 400 full-color how-to images illustrating a variety of grilling techniques. An image of every finished dish in the book so you can see exactly what you're preparing. Ingredients: Detailed information about the ingredients that are used to prepare delicious grilled meals. Recipes: The techniques included in this book are supplemented by over 125 recipes, so you can apply the information you've learned in the chapters to create flavorful grilled meals. Healthy Grilling Techniques: This is the first book from Cooking Light that has included such a thorough collection of grilling techniques.

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