Creation and the Second Coming

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In Creation and the Second Coming, Dr. Henry Morris delivers a unique perspective of the Bible's end time prophecies by connecting them to Genesis. Morris, a renowned Christian apologist, Bible commentator and Creation scientist, reveals many of the evidences of the last days are directly related to God's purposes in creation and our rebellion against these purposes. This Bible study resource presents a beautiful picture of God's character and plans revealing a larger, Genesis to Revelation narrative. Using Old and New Testament Scriptures, Morris shares what went wrong in Eden and at Babel and a well-reasoned explanation of what will happen during the Tribulation. Investigate his assessment of the millennial kingdom and New Jerusalem and how it relates to the foundational chapters of the Bible. Learn how evolution, Darwinism, slavery, apostasy, occultism, and even science and technology correspond to the end-time events. The Bible's prophetic writers give key signs of the return of Christ, and in this classic work Dr. Henry M. Morris reveals how each sign is an outgrowth of evolutionary humanism or pantheism. The earth is groaning for Christ's arrival. This distress is seen in Middle East conflicts, new age religions and attempts to establish a new world order. This Bible commentary offering scientific, historical and biblical evidence delivers "Aha's" to aid the Church in preparing for Christ's coming and prioritizing the Great Commission.

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