Death and the Afterlife

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Since the earliest years of Christianity, the doctrine of eternal punishment has been fiercely attacked. Today that attack continues.Conditionalism and universalism are widely accepted as being biblically, logically and ethically far more acceptable than traditional theology. But Dr. Morey here presents a persuasive case with which anyone who seeks to malign or weaken the historical doctrine must reckon.Dr. Vernon GroundsPresident Emeritus, Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary"Dr. Robert Morey's work provides an extensive examination of the biblical language related to human destiny beyond death and a careful discussion of the passages of canonical scripture in which the future condition of the lost is considered. The lucid style and the very careful organization of the material make the work readily understandable for a lay audience as well as pastors and Bible scholars."Dr. Roger NicoleProfessor of Theology, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

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