Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment

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Educators and clinicians have long needed an authoritative and comprehensive resource to help them clarify assessment-related issues. Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment fills that need.This text helps the general physical educator, adapted physical educator, and administrator accurately and authentically assess people with disabilities. The book includes the following features:-Case studies that reinforce understanding of real-world challenges and foster decision-making skills in identifying the right tests to use-An analysis of existing assessment tools through which teachers can collect a wealth of information-Assessment of the social and affective domains as well as the physical domain so that teachers can help students develop to their potential-Textbook features such as key terms, key concepts, and review questionsDevelopmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment guides readers in developing written recommendations regarding placement and instructional programming, and it includes sample assessment cases. This interactive text, in which information is presented and readers generate a response to specific questions, also shows teachers and clinicians how to use the teaching–learning–assessing cycle to their fullest advantage. Through application of this cycle, they can place children in the appropriate programs, and students can develop their abilities to their fullest.The authors also explore the relationship of assessment to grading, testing, and measurement and provide guidelines for the assessment environment. In addition, they give advice on how to work with children, parents, and colleagues.The book moves logically through the assessment cycle. The authors first address whom the reader is assessing and why the assessment is necessary; then they address the importance of and ways of getting to know the child. From there, they explore issues related to assessment instruments and selecting and administering tests. They devote entire chapters to these assessments:-Motor development and motor skill performance-Physical fitness-Posture and gait-Behavior and social competenciesIn the final chapter, the authors discuss a team approach in interpreting the assessment information and making decisions.Written by three of the most experienced and trusted specialists in adapted physical activity, this book will help both the novice and veteran be effective and accountable for placement and learning.

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