Evidence for Paralegals

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In its new Fourth Edition, <b>Evidence for Paralegals</b> continues to help students understand how evidentiary principals are applied in practical situations. Written from a real-life perspective allowing students to see beyond the walls of the classroom, the authors apply the material to actual practice at all judicial levels. <p> <br /><b>This text owes its popularity to the following features:</b> </p> <p> • focuses on the <b>practical applications of the Federal Rules of Evidence</b> and <b>how the rules relate to paralegal practice</b> </p> <p> • covers a <b>full range of topics</b>, including gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and researching </p> <p> • <b>written from a real-life perspective</b>, showing how actual practice works in local, state, and federal court </p> <p> • <b>pedagogy in text developed for paralegal students</b>, and includes short case summaries, readable examples, marginal definitions of terms, marginal cross-references to the Rules of Evidence, review questions, and hypotheticals </p> <p> • <b>short, concise presentation</b> is ideal for paralegal courses </p> <p> <b>Changes to the Fourth Edition include: </b> </p> <p> • <b>updated with changes to the Federal Rules of Evidence</b> </p> <p> • <b>new case studies</b> added for student analysis </p> <p> • <b>new hypotheticals</b> and <b>discussion questions</b> have been added </p> <p> This short, concise text focuses on the relationship between the Federal Rules of Evidence and the paralegal practice. The subject matter is clearly written and draws on true-to-life scenarios to illustrate its lessons. This combination of characteristics makes <b>Evidence for Paralegals</b> a successful and accessible text for paralegal students. </p>

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