Faith and Learning: A Practical Guide for Faculty

  • ISBN-13: 9780891124115
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Christian colleges expect faculty to clearly articulate an understanding of the impacts that Christian faith has on their teaching, research, and service. Many faculty find this dimension of their work-often labeled the integration of faith and learning-confusing and difficult to realize in practice, to assess, and to describe. This volume begins by clarifying two things. It summarizes the faith/learning discussion and offers a working conception of faith/integration specifically for Christian college faculty. It then outlines what deans, provosts, and tenure-promotion committees typically expect faculty in Christian colleges to know and do. Allen and Badley introduce the highly regarded framework of Ernest Boyer and the Carnegie Foundation (Scholarship Reconsidered, 1990). They then present both a framework for assessing faith/learning integration in the three dimensions of teaching, research, and service and step-by-step instructions for reporting and describing the individual faculty member's approach and success. The book closes by calling both the Christian college and the individual professor to the vocation of teaching, shaping, and sending.

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