Global Street Art: The Street Artists and Trends Taking Over the World

  • ISBN-13: 9781770854857
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A comprehensive gallery of the best street art from around the world. For years, graffiti art sat on the fence separating vandalism and public art. Today it's matured into street art -- a form of public art marking cities around the world. Global Street Art is a splendid collection of some of the best around the world, investigating the media the artists work with, the "canvases" they work on, the themes that arise through their work, and the "galleries" in which they choose to set their work. The types of street art and the methods used vary widely, so the book organizes the photographs into categories in these chapters: Introduction: A brief history of graffiti and street art Global Breakdown: USA, Europe/UK, South America, and Rest of the World Techniques: Graf/Letters, Freehand Spraycan, Stencil, Stickers and Posters, Atypical Techniques, Durable Techniques, and Ephemeral Techniques, and more Spaces: Plants, Integration, Shadow and Photo, Spaces and Faces Movements: Alluding to 3D, Anamorphism, Photorealism, Text Work, Calligraphy, Geometry, and more Surfaces: Vehicles, Roads, Passenger Trains, Freight, and more Themes: Animals, Hip-hop Characters, Robots, and more Ad-busting/Activism International Street Art Festivals and Projects. Street artists are startlingly talented -- they create witty, provocative and sentimental art. Global Street Art presents their painted world.

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