God's Most Precious Jewels Are Crystallized Tears

  • ISBN-13: 9780849937798
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The Queen of Encouragement has brought a dozen amazing friends to inspire and encourage  you!Barbara Johnson's heart-touching, laughter-laced story has given hope to millions of readers worldwide. Now she brings together twelve courageous women who have triumphed over challenges and endured heart-rending losses. With Christlike serventhood, they have reached beyond their own anguish to extend a helping hand to others in need, turning their tears of heartache into jewels of blessing. In their awe-inspiring stories, you will meet women who have faced:a husband's brutal murderthe death of a young childpoverty and bigotryeating disordersan adult child's homosexualitythe death of two sons due to AIDSabusive marriagesheartbreaking divorcefamily members' estrangementclinical depressionphysical disabilitya husband's struggle with homosexualityToday these women, like Barbara, spread hope and joy wherever they go. To celebrate their ministry of encouragement, each of their stories concludes with Barbara's trademark collection of wit and laughter. Open this book and find a pathway out of sorrow and into the sunlight of a life warmed by love and filled with meaning. Read these stories and learn how to turn misery into ministry.

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