Guitar Scales in Context: The Practical Reference Guide

Guitar Scales in Context: The Practical Reference Guide

  • ISBN-10: 9781502492050
  • Author: Mr Joseph Alexander
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication date: 2014-09-24
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 98
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Guitar Scales in ContextGuitar Scales in Context goes way beyond any other scale dictionary available by providing you with backing tracks and licks for each of the essential 18 guitar scales and modes that it covers.Licks and Backing TracksWith over 50 backing tracks, each scale for the guitar is analysed, discussed and shown in the five most commonly used patterns. Each scale shape is combined with corresponding chord, triad and arpeggio pattern to help you build and memorise the scale; physically, mentally and aurally.Theory and ApplicationEach scale has an extensive information page giving examples of its use and a description of its unique character. To help you master the feel of each scale's sound and feel on the guitar, three live-recorded example licks are taught so you can instantly use the scales in a musical context.Neck Diagrams, Arpeggios and TriadsScales should never be learnt in isolation and some notes are 'stronger' than other. Guitar Scales in Context combines the 18 essential scales for guitar with their most appropriate arpeggios and triads, showing you how to link these important musical structures together. By learning the correct arpeggios along with each scale shape, you will always know where the strongest notes lie when you are soloing on the guitar.18 Scales, 5 Positions and Full Neck DiagramsEach scale and mode is broken down into the 5 most convenient shapes for the guitar, these shapes are joined together with a full neck diagram so you will master scales on the guitar neck in no time at all.Over 50 Backing Tracks and Over 50 Licks!We went to town on this book and have provided you with over 50 guitar backing tracks that will keep you wailing all night. The same scales are often used in different genres of music and we didn't want to limit your creativeness... so there are 3 backing tracks for each scale to keep you on your toes. Practice the notated guitar licks (standard notation and tab) with each backing track to truly master each unique sound. Audio is available to download for free from and there are links in the book.Master the Guitar Neck:Guitar Scales in Context is essential reading and practical application for anyone wanting to develop their fretboard skills, music theory and aural awareness.Essential Guitar Scales and Modes Covered Include:The Major ScaleThe Dorian ModeThe Phrygian ModeThe Lydian ModeThe Mixolydian ModeThe Aeolian ModeThe Locrian ModeThe Minor Pentatonic (Blues) ScaleThe Major Pentatonic (Blues) ScaleThe Melodic Minor ModeThe Lydian Dominant ModeThe Altered ScaleThe Harmonic Minor ScaleThe Phrygian Dominant ModeThe Mixolydian Bebop ScaleThe Dorian Bebop ScaleThe Half Whole Diminished ScaleThe Whole Tone ScaleThe Most Popular Guitar Books on AmazonWith over 2000, 5* reviews on Amazon, Fundamental Changes bring you the highest rated guitar books available on Amazon. This is a new title and reviews take time, but check out our other releases to see what we're providing. Buy it now and master the fretboard forever.

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