Hawaii by Sextant: An In-Depth Exercise in Celestial Navigation Using Real Sextant Sights and Logbook Entries

  • ISBN-13: 9780914025184
  • $34.76

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In the spirit of early Bowditch editions, we offer navigation details of a full ocean passage as an excellent way to learn the ropes of practical celestial navigation. With your own tables and plotting sheets, you can analyze 224 timed sextant sights of sun, moon, stars, and planets to obtain 26 position fi xes to fi nd your way along a 2,800-nmi voyage lasting 17 days. Solutions are provided by computation, workforms, and detailed plots using universal plotting sheets. After completing this passage you will be prepared to navigate by celestial navigation on your own, whether you need to or choose to. Also includes notes on optimizing sight analysis, hurricane tracking, DR error analysis, ocean currents, and use of visible light ranges for nighttime arrivals.

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