How to Start & Build a Law Practice (Career Series / American Bar Association)

  • ISBN-13: 9781590312476
  • Author: Jay G. Foonberg
  • Publisher: American Bar Association
  • Publication date: 2004-04-29
  • Edition: 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 704
  • $35.78
  • Save $34

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A classic ABA bestseller, How to Start and Build a Law Practice has been used by tens of thousands of lawyers as the comprehensive guide to planning, launching, and growing a successful practice. Author Jay G Foonberg, now in his fifth decade of practicing law, has always been dedicated to giving other lawyers the benefit of his wealth of experience.This Platinum Fifth Edition is packed with over 600 pages of guidance on identifying the right location, finding clients, setting fees, managing your office, maintaining an ethical and responsible practice, maximizing available resources, upholding your standards, and much more. If you’re committed to starting—and growing— your own practice, this one book will give you the expert advice you need to make it succeed. More than 100,000 lawyers have turned to Jay Foonberg for the secrets to running a successful law firm; now you can, too, with the new Platinum Fifth Edition. Jay Foonberg has organized the book into short, easy-to-read chapters that deal with all the specific challenges you will encounter when you open your office. The answers you'll get are realistic, practical, and based on real-life experience. You’ll find a wealth of tips that can improve your practice once it is up and running, as well as dozens of time-saving templates and checklists. In addition, there is all-new material for this edition, covering topics including:New opportunities for serving senior clients and the growth of elder law E-mail and the InternetLaw firm mergers and dissolutionsThe increasing size of student loansOpportunities created by an aging populationNonlawyer consultantsThe globalization of legal practiceWhen and how to safely close and destroy filesThe aggressive marketing being done now by firms of all sizesAnd much more!Even if you already have an established practice, you are sure to find information that will help you compete and succeed. This is the one book you’ll need to build and grow your practice.

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