Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy

  • ISBN-13: 9781904424604
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Why do so many clients experience inner conflicts that inhibit the successful attainment of important goals? Both counselors and hypnotherapists use techniques that help their clients change undesired habits or achieve personal and professional goals, yet, in spite of their best efforts, some clients still continue to experience unresolved inner conflicts that inhibit them from attaining their ideal empowerment. This book describes an elegant approach to reconciling the conflicting parts of a client's personality. Closely allied to ego state therapy and voice dialogue, parts therapy uses hypnosis to identify conflicting parts that are damaging the well being of clients. These parts are then directed to negotiate with each other through the therapist to bring about a resolution. Parts therapy continues to grow in popularity and is already used by many psychotherapists and psychologists who use hypnosis as an adjunct to their practices.Therapists who specialize in the use of hypnosis will find Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy a most helpful technique to integrate into their practice.

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