I Love God's Sense of Humor; I Just Wish He'd Let Me in on the Joke

  • ISBN-13: 9780834122499
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Have you ever felt like you were the only one in the crowd who didn’t get the joke? The joke was told with great delivery...but the punch line just flew over your head? The Christian life can be a lot like that. We’re told that God has a great sense of humor, but sometimes His irony leaves us gasping instead of giggling.In his new book, I Love God’s Sense of Humor; I Just Wish He’d Let Me in on the Joke, Stan Toler addresses the awkward moments of life and the silence that fills the air after trouble or tragedy has occurred. With humor and insight, Toler revisits the lives of biblical heroes who struggled to find the humor in horrifying situations yet found the courage and faith to overcome the obstacles in their lives. He helps you learn to deal with some of life’s most pressing problems--while still managing to keep a smile on your face.I Love God’s Sense of Humor...will remind you that you don’t necessarily need a great sense of humor to get God’s punch lines. You just need a great sense of faith--the ability to see that God will get you to Jerusalem even if you have to go through Cleveland to get there.In I Love God’s Sense of Humor...you’ll learn to overcome:ObstaclesDisappointmentTemptationAngerFearInadequacyDoubtHopelessnessFailureLoneliness

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