I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You: Attacking the Spreading Virus of Disengagement

  • ISBN-13: 9780977225798
  • $19.85

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We’ve all seen it…and it’s devastating when it happens...employees who are physically present but who have mentally checked out. Let’s face it. No one takes a job planning to fail. Likewise, no one hires with the intent to eventually fire. Both parties want to succeed. So, what happens between an employee’s first day and their last? I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You examines the virus of disengagement and provides some real-world antidotes to prevent this plague from contaminating your entire organization. I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You can transform your management team and the way they motivate their team members. Loaded with ideas and recommendations, this book will enable your management staff achieve the goals of your organization…and more! It can make a difference in employee morale, motivation and your bottom line!

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