Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why (Inside Series) (Inside (Wolters Kluwer))

  • ISBN-13: 9780735579613
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A concise and student-friendly study aid, Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why offers a big-picture view of Administrative Law that looks at how all of the essential elements fit together as part of a coherent framework of theory and practice. A rich pedagogy features Sidebars and Frequently Asked Questions, among other teaching devices that guide comprehension and reinforce learning. Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why features: basic coverage of the main themes of Administrative Law that focuses on what matters and why straightforward, lucid, and informal writing style dynamic pedagogical features that support learning and facilitate use Overviews that briefly introduce and position the topic of each chapter within the context of the course, to clearly convey to students what the topic is about and why it matters FAQs, or frequently asked questions, that address common mistakes and misconceptions Sidebars that offer additional insight and background information, or highlight important or illustrative cases tables and flowcharts that illustrate concepts chapter summaries and bolded key terms Connections brief sections at the end of each chapter that connect the material just covered to key points in other chapters a well regarded feature that illuminates the underpinnings and framework of the subject Readable and concise, Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why helps students to become more engaged in the course by offering clear explanations that demystify the material without oversimplifying it. Author Jack M. Beermann provides multiple platforms for testing and reinforcing student understanding and retention of key concepts and rules. Look for other Inside Series titles the following course areas: Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, and Sales and Leases.

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