Introduction to Theatre Arts Teacher's Guide: A 36-Week Action Handbook

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Instructors will have the advantage of having the entire student handbook in their teacher's guide plus much more! Besides Notes to the Teacher for each of the ten sections listed below, there's almost a hundred extra pages just for the teacher, including teaching tools, evaluation tools, and production tools. These pages are loaded with reproducible handouts and forms. Most importantly, an entire section is dedicated to reproducible tests and major projects. A student-friendly, teacher-friendly workbook with study units for a full year of classroom drama activities. The entire spectrum of theatre is covered in ten sections: 1. Getting Started, 2. Evaluation, 3. Scene Work, 4. Acting, 5. Characterization, 6. Publicity and Other Production Business, 7. Play Production, 8. Theatre History, 9. Games and Improvisation, 10. Planning for the Future.

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