Introductory Oceanography (10th Edition)

  • ISBN-13: 9780131438880
  • Author: ["Harold V. Thurman", "Alan P. Trujillo"]
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • Publication date: 2003-12-22
  • Edition: 10
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 624
  • $11.28
  • Save $201

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The 10th edition of this popular book continues to provide an excellent foundation in science by examining the vast body of oceanic knowledge. Spanning the disciplines of geology, chemistry, physics, and biology, it allows readers to have a fundamental understanding of how oceans work. Interwoven within the book are hundreds of photographs, illustrations, real-world examples, and applications that make the material relevant, accessible, and entertaining. Well-organized and clearly written, this book covers scientific inquiry and gives an historical look at the study of oceanography; the origins of life, the earth, and the oceans; plate tectonics; marine provinces; marine sediments; water and seawater; air-sea interaction; ocean circulation; waves, tides, and coastlines; biological productivity and the marine habitat; marine resources; and environmental concerns. This book is intended to help readers in their quest to find out more about oceans. Because of its comprehensive scope and excellent resource materials, it can also serve as an excellent reference work for those involved in oceanography.

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