John Deere Tractors and Equipment, Vol. 1: 1837-1959

  • ISBN-13: 9780916150952
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Authors Don Macmillan and Russell Jones chronicle the development of each of the Deere product lines from 1837 to 1959. This story of The Long Green Line is told in two sections. The first traces lineage, where the machines were derived from, in five chapters of company chronology. The second, a large pictorial section, shows developments in each category, such as tractors, combines, etc. with a collectors attention to detail. Tractor buffs, restorers, and those who simply enjoy reliving the old times will appreciate the easy-to-read narrative set forth in a fresh, pictorial format. Includes 970 photos, drawings, and illustrations (many in full color) . . . from the plow to John Deeres first diesel.

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