King Richard II (Arden Shakespeare: Third Series)

  • ISBN-13: 9781903436332
  • Author: William Shakespeare
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare
  • Publication date: 2002-03-21
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 612
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This richly annotated edition takes a fresh look at the first part of Shakespeare's second tetralogy of history plays, showing how it relates to the other plays in the sequence. Forker places the play in its political context, discussing its relation to competing theories of monarchy, how it faced censorship because of possible comparisons between Richard II and Elizabeth I, and how Bolingbroke's rebellion could be compared to the Essex rising of the time. This edition also reconsiders Shakespeare's use of sources, asking why he chose to emphasize one approach over another. Forker also looks at the play's rich afterlife, and the many interpretations that actors and directors have taken. Finally, the edition looks closely at the aesthetic relationship between language, character, structure, and political import. A textual analysis of the play's eight early editions, a doubling chart for casting, and geneological tables are included as appendices.The Arden Shakespeare has developed a reputation as the pre-eminent critical edition of Shakespeare for its exceptional scholarship, reflected in the thoroughness of each volume. An introduction comprehensively contextualizes the play, chronicling the history and culture that surrounded and influenced Shakespeare at the time of its writing and performance, and closely surveying critical approaches to the work. Detailed appendices address problems like dating and casting, and analyze the differing Quarto and Folio sources. A full commentary by one or more of the play's foremost contemporary scholars illuminates the text, glossing unfamiliar terms and drawing from an abundance of research and expertise to explain allusions and significant background information. Highly informative and accessible, Arden offers the fullest experience of Shakespeare available to a reader. Table of ContentsList of IllustrationsGeneral Editors' PrefacePrefaceIntroduction Politics Historical Context and the Issue of Topicality The Connection with Essex Ideology: Competing Conceptions of Monarchy Characterization: Attitudes towards Richard and Bolingbroke Politics in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth- Century Stagings Language Style Imagery, Major Themes, Symbolism, Patterns of Allusion Rhetoric Afterlife The Date The Relation to Edward II and Woodstock Richard II and the Second Tetralogy Probable Venues of Early Performance Sources Holinshed Hall The Mirror for Magistrates Daniel Woodstock Froissart; Creton; Traison Edward II Minor Sources TextTHE TRAGEDY OF KING RICHARD THE SECOND Longer Notes Appendices 1 Textual Analysis 2 Doubling Chart 3 Genealogical TablesAbbreviations and references Abbreviations used in notes Works by and partly by Shakespeare Editions of Shakespeare collated or referred to Other works Modern stage and television productions citedIndex

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