Leading Change in Multiple Contexts: Concepts and Practices in Organizational, Community, Political, Social, and Global Change Settings

  • ISBN-13: 9781412926782
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The first book to bring together both leadership and change theories, concepts, and processes, Leading Change in Multiple Contexts uses a consistent framework and the latest research to help readers understand and apply the concepts and practices of leading change.Key FeaturesBrings together leadership and change concepts and practices in five distinct contexts―organizational, community, political, social change, and globalDraws from a wide range of classic and recent scholarship from multiple disciplines Includes the perspectives of change and leadership expertsOffers real-life vignettes that provide examples of leading change in every contextProvides readers with application and reflection exercises that allow them to apply leadership and change concepts to their experiencesLeading Change in Multiple Contexts is designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in Change Management, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, and Leadership and Change offered in departments of business, education, communication, and public administration, as well as programs focusing on leadership, public policy, community activism, and social change.

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