Legal And Ethical Issues For Health Professionals

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Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, Third Edition provides the reader with a clear understanding of the law and ethics as it relates to health care dilemmas. The practical application of ethics in the health care setting is accomplished by interspersing the thoughts of great minds through Quotes and the real world of Newspaper Articles, patient experiences through People Stories, provider and organizational experiences through Reality Checks, and Legal Case Studies. This dynamic texts concludes with a Closet Drama that ties all the elements of the text together in one case. Each new print textbook includes an online access code for a Companion Website with helpful student resources. Access to the Companion Website may be purchased separately. Student Companion Website Includes: •Crossword Puzzles •Flashcards •Interactive Glossary •Matching Exercises •Review Questions •Web Links Instructor Resources •Instructor's Manual, including a Sample Syllabus •PowerPoint Presentations •Formatted Test Bank New to the Third Edition Content and Data Updated and Revised Throughout Numerous New: Quotes, Newspaper Articles, People Stories, Reality Checks, and Legal Case Studies Chapter 1 – New: Expanded discussion of Ethics, Virtues and Values Chapter 7 – New Topics: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Democracy for the Wealthy: Fairness and Justice Illusive Ethics in Public Service CMS Non-Payment For Performance of Wrong Procedures Chapter 8 – New Topic: Accreditation of Hospitals and Conflicts of Interest Chapter 9 – New Additions: New Section: Social Workers New Abstract: Incidence and Recognition of Malnutrition in Hospital Chapter 15 – New Chapter: Summary Case―Star Chamber New Appendix: Website References

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