Life Principles from the Old Testament (Following God Character Series)

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God Recorded Their Lives for a Purpose-So We Can Learn from Them. Noah and the ark...Jacob's ladder of angels...Joseph's coat of many colors...Moses and the burning bush...Joshua and the Battle of Jericho...Samson and Delilah.All of these are stories many of us have bee familiar with since we were children, and they're the same stories we tell our own children. It can be all too easy to see these people as merely characters. In fact, that's what we often call them- Bible characters." But they are so much more than that!They're real people, with all the joys and sorrows, successes and failures, satisfaction and disappointments that make up life. They're people who had to learn to follow God through all kinds of circumstances, and even stumbled on occasion-just like we do. Yet God recorded their lives for a purpose: so we can learn from them what God is like and what it means to follow Him.Each of the men in this study found that out in their own unique way, and as you look at their lives you'll soon realize that there's no formula to following God. There are only principles He's giving us, and examples to look at, listen to, and learn from.In the pages of this book you will come face to face with such questions as:* Do you know and accept God's design and purpose for you?* Have you committed your life to following God, in spite of the cost?* What is God's view of Sin? What are some of sin's consequences? * Does a sovereign, almighty God give us choices?

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