Living Apart Together: A Unique Path to Marital Happiness, or The Joy of Sharing Lives Without Sharing an Address

  • ISBN-13: 9781620355091
  • Author: Anne L. Watson
  • Publisher: Shepard Publications
  • Publication date: 2016-12-07
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 120
  • $16.30

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"Wise, timely, and truthful . . . There are as many ways of living together as there are people, and it's great that there's at last a book reflecting that with such humour and insight." -- Deborah Moggach, author, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and "Tulip Fever" *****#1 KINDLE (U.S.) BESTSELLER IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY (AUG. 2014)***** SPECIAL NOTE! -- ANNE WILL PERSONALLY ANSWER ANY QUESTION OF YOURS AFTER READING THIS BOOK. ASK ON HER WEB SITE, AND YOU'LL NORMALLY HEAR BACK WITHIN HOURS! You hear many reasons why marriages and long-term relationships break up, but there's one that's seldom acknowledged: Many committed couples would get along better if only they weren't roommates.  But what can they do? They have to share a home, don't they? What if they chose to defy expectations -- their own and everyone else's? What if they decided to live in separate apartments or houses, nearby or even side-by-side? Wouldn't they avoid many tensions that typically drag couples down? Wouldn't they gain richer and happier times together? Anne L. Watson and her partner have lived this kind of life successfully for nearly two decades. In this groundbreaking book, she draws on personal experience to reveal the benefits of such an arrangement and tell how you might make it work for yourself. In the end, Anne helps you understand that not all couples need a common residence to live happily ever after. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Anne L. Watson is the author of a variety of works, including literary novels, soapmaking manuals, and a cookie cookbook. She is also retired from a long and honored career as a historic preservation architecture consultant. Anne "lives apart together" with her husband, fellow author, and publisher, Aaron Shepard, in Friday Harbor, Washington. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTENTS The VowHow We Got HereLiving Room -- Decorating and EntertainingKitchen and Dining Room -- Cooking and EatingBedroom -- Sleeping and SexBathroomHousekeepingMoneyKids and EldersPetsExpectationsCompromise and CooperationDominance and DeferenceTime AloneTime TogetherThe ChoiceFrequently Asked Questions ///////////////////////////////////////////////// BISAC SUBJECTSFAM030000  FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long Term RelationshipsSEL031000  SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / GeneralSOC026010  SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Marriage & FamilyFAM029000  FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & RomanceFAM015000  FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Divorce & SeparationFAM051000  FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / DatingFAM013000  FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Conflict ResolutionFAM006000  FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Alternative Family 

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