Managing Human Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

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The only text in management and organizational behavior to focus on public organizations, nonprofit organizations, and school systems, Managing Human Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Second Edition fosters competency in critical management and leadership skills including communication, motivation, teamwork, group dynamics, and decision making. Cases, self-assessment exercises, simulations, and evaluative instruments provide students the opportunity to experience the applied side of theories and to learn both cognitively and experientially. In the Second Edition, the authors have updated information throughout, citing the most recent literature and including additional valuable models for decision making.New to This EditionHighlights nonprofit organizations and school systems: More new topics and examples relevant to nonprofit organizations and school systems have been added. Expanded cases and in-book exercises: Enhanced opportunities for hands-on learning bring the material to life and allow students to engage with new concepts. Offers more on leadership theory and application: Chapter 7 provides additional coverage of styles, traits, and approaches as well as different contexts, cases, and examples related to leadership. Provides a more detailed examination of ethics and diversity: The authors present value-related material in the context of diversity, including cross-cultural and cross-national examples.Intended AudienceThis text is ideally suited for upper-level undergraduates and graduates studying public and nonprofit management in schools of business and management and in programs of organizational behavior, public administration, nonprofit management, and educational administration.

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