Math Magic for Your Kids: Hundreds of Games and Exercises from the Human Calculator to Make Math Fun and Easy

  • ISBN-13: 9780060977313
  • $11.58

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In Math Magic, his New York Times bestseller, Scoff Flansburg demonstrated his universal ability to make math fun and easy for adults. Now in Math Magic for Your Kids, the Human Calculator does the same for elementary school children.Measuring flour for a birthday cake, setting the dinner table, counting change -- learning these simple skills daunts millions of children. And helping them along can be frustrating for parents. In Math Magic for Your Kids, Scott Flansburg comes to the rescue. With entertaining games and tricks, this proven method helps kids develop a positive attitude about numbers, the necessary foundation on which they will build math skills for the rest of their education. Children will discover hours of independent amusement, while parents will find activities they can do with their children to supplement their schoolwork and to help them get better grades, including:Innovative counting exercises that teach addition and subtraction Writing activities that reinforce math conceptsShortcut methods that provide "magic tricks" for learning math skillsRiddles and puzzles that activate logic and math basicsGames and drills that introduce and perfect multiplication and division

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