Meet Mr. Smith: Revolutionize the Way You Think about Sex, Purity, and Romance

  • ISBN-13: 9780849905438
  • $10.66

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Meet Mr. Smith is a funny, fresh, romantic conversation about the true nature of love and sex. For singles 18 to 32 who aren't squeamish about learning countercultural truth, Meet Mr. Smith offers a radical alternative to the over-romanced, casual-sex lifestyle popular in today's world. Re-awakening the ancient ideas of sacred sex, purity, and holy love, relationship experts Eric and Leslie Ludy introduce a new language and framework for our sex-in-the-city culture. Meet Mr. Smith exposes and tackles hot topics like:What does God think about pre-marital sex?What about oral sex and self sex?Why would God give me a sex drive if He didn't plan on me using it?Is homosexuality really wrong?

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