Mommy Laid An Egg: Or, Where Do Babies Come From?

  • ISBN-13: 9780811813198
  • $42.96

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In this hilarious twist on one of the most difficult discussions in a child's development, award winning author Babette Cole illustrates the one question all children are bound to ask: Where do babies come from? Mom explains that you can make babies out of gingerbread, grow them from seeds, or squeeze them out of tubes, while Dad says you can find babies under rocks. Amused by their parents' silly answers, the children decide to set the adults straight. In a series of zany diagrams, the children show the adults exactly where babies come from. The offbeat illustrations are accompanied by a text that is short, simple, and anything but predictable. This is a funny book that will delight, entertain, and educate the entire family. Awards and honors for Mommy Laid An Egg:LA Parent Book AwardPublishers Weekly, starred review

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