Muscle and Sensory Testing, 2e

  • ISBN-13: 9780721603377
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Significantly revised and updated, the 2nd edition of Muscle and Sensory Testing incorporates precise anatomic testing techniques in a well-organized and easy-to-use format. It features a unique chapter on sensory testing, illustrations of gravity-resisted and gravity-eliminated positions for testing, and a chapter on using observational gait analysis as a screening tool for muscle testing. Photographs of testing procedures and line drawings are included; the line drawings of muscles are now enhanced to show innervations. This new edition also includes a DVD-ROM with valuable additional material. Instructor resources available; contact your sales representative for details.Provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions for manual muscle testingSuperb illustrations help readers visualize how the test is to be performedExplains testing for trunk and extremity muscles anprovides information on hand-held dynamometryEnhances knowledge on how to perform manual muscle testing on infantsPresents an overview of the neurological screening exam, how to perform it, and how to interpret the resultsProvides the reader with a resource for gait deviations and associated muscle weaknessContains an evaluation of the most current research in the field of muscle testingIncludes case studies and clinical notes in each chapterFeatures a new chapter on functional muscle testingContains a companion DVD-ROM with muscle tests and techniques of sensory and neurologic testingReorganizes the overall format of the text to coincide with the formatting used in Reese and Bandy's Joint Range of Motion and Muscle Length TestingReflects the most current literature in the areas of manual muscle testing, pediatric muscle testing, hand-held dynamometry, the neurologic screening examination (including sensory testing), and gaitUpdates line drawings to include muscle innervations

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