On To Richmond (# 2 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series) (Volume 2)

  • ISBN-13: 9781507884959
  • $36.18

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Historical fiction is my passion. I so love bringing history to life - the reason I dedicate most of my time to writing historical fiction books! On To Richmond is the second in the ongoing Bregdan Chronicles historical novel series. It's readers like you who have turned it into a world-wide best-seller. Thank you! Book Description: Burdened with the responsibility of running an entire plantation, Carrie Cromwell fights to understand the forces tearing her beloved country apart. As battles rage around her, she watches as her life slowly unravels and she discovers truths she would never have imagined. Will her actions and decisions push her even further from those she loves? When the danger she dreads becomes reality, will she find the courage and strength to escape? Robert is pulled into battle, facing things he would never have imagined. Moses and Rose face a great loss, and then make a decision that could claim their lives. Everyone struggles to survive and live in a country that has exploded into Civil War. The second book of The Bregdan Chronicles historical fiction series will pull you in and never let you go. You'll experience the Civil War era (and all the years to come) through the eyes of both White and Black, free & slave, Southern & Northern - and you'll fall in love with every character. How many books will be in the Bregdan Chronicles? You'll have to ask God about that... I intend to write these character's stories, one year at a time, for as long as I'm able to write. I'm passionate about bringing history to life through historical fiction. Since I'm amazingly healthy, that could be for a very long time! I don't like stories to end any more than you do. This one won't end for a very long time! Review: I enjoyed this book as much as the first in this historical fiction series. Ginny, you are a wonderful writer. I get so engrossed in your Chronicles that I cannot put my Kindle down. I have gotten so connected with the characters and the history is superb. I have already purchased the next and really shouldn't start on it now if I plan to sleep tonight! Thanks. Review: It was an easy read and full of excitement. After reading the first book I couldn't wait to read the second, and now that this one is finished I can't wait to read the third. Love this time period and have read so many historical fiction books of the Civil War. Some are far better than others and this series sure seems to fit the bill.

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