Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective

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Unlike other books on the market, this text conveys parenting in all of its complexities. It is parent-centered, not child-centered, highlighting such questions as why parents behave the way they do. Although the book is written from a psychological perspective, views from other disciplines—including sociology, criminology, anthropology, and pediatrics—are also discussed where appropriate. The text focuses on typical parent-child relations, emphasizing the process of parenting, and includes historical and crosscultural perspectives. Key Features   Includes selected studies and recent statistics from developing and non-Western countries Features in-depth coverage of topics such as co-parenting, evolutionary views, human behavioral genetics, and religious influences, which are often absent from or superficially covered in other texts Presents important clinical psychological issues, such as family violence, behavior problems, and the role of pathology in the family Discusses contemporary issues, including fertility problems and daycare Intended Audience   This text is appropriate for students enrolled in courses such as Parenting or Parent-Child Relations in departments of psychology, human development, human ecology (home economics), family and consumer studies, sociology, education, pediatrics, social work, and nursing.

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