Planetary Powers: The Morin Method

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Planetary Powers is a comprehensive book on the Morin Method of Horoscope Interpretation. It begins with examples of the fundamental principles and steadily advances to the full techniques. Each principle and technique is illustrated with examples. Each of the book's sections focuses on a specific factor of horoscope interpretation. The Morin Method is a practical and useful set of rules that results in accurate chart interpretation. Familiarity with the Astrologia Gallica, the works of John-Baptiste Morin, although desirable, is unnecessary in order to use the Morin Method of Horoscope Interpretation. Section I covers planetary powers, including theory of determinations, houses, signs, planets, essential dignities and debilities, natural and acquired analogy, and analogy of the planets with the houses. Section II explains the cosmic state of the planets in relationship with the houses. Topics covered are benefic and malefic planets, dispositors, peregrine planets, determination through house position and rulership, cause and effect, conjunctions, and determining combination by analogy. Section III discusses the Morin Method regarding determination by actual location, empty house judgment, affairs signified by the houses, determination and evaluation of the effect of a planet in a house, the houses of life and death, and the power of aspects. The book concludes with numerous charts for study.To my knowledge this book is the best available instruction manual for the Morin Method. James Herschel Holden, translator of eleven books of the Astrologia Gallica series by John-Baptiste Morin

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