Purgatory: The Two Catholic Views of Purgatory Based on Catholic Teaching and Revelations of Saintly Souls (from All for Jesus)

  • ISBN-13: 9780895557285
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Is Purgatory almost like Hell? Or is it a place of peace and even joy? The famous Fr. Faber explains both of these classic Catholic views of Purgatory, basing his discussion on Catholic teaching and the revelations of saintly souls, especially St. Catherine of Genoa, in her "Treatise on Purgatory." Fr. Faber’s now famous work (from his "All for Jesus") is both sobering and inspiring. This is a book to help us appreciate the supernatural treasures at our disposal, both to help the Poor Souls, and to help us avoid Purgatory ourselves: to inspire us to use wisely the rest of our time on earth so that we ourselves one day will not have to go there.

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