Pyrex Passion: The Comprehensive Guide to Decorated Vintage Pyrex

  • ISBN-13: 9780985451158
  • $178.07

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Discover the Beauty of Vintage PYREX! This book is the first comprehensive, all-inclusive, pictorial reference of standard and promotional items produced on opal PYREX in North America from the 1940s through the 1980s. Until now, complete records of what was produced and when were difficult to find and took hours of scouring multiple online resources. With this book, the complete chronological history of the thousands of colors and patterns of vintage opal PYREX bowls and bake ware are available in one easy-to-use reference guide. Discover how to: Identify nearly every pattern and color of vintage PYREX ever produced; Distinguish between standard patterns, design variations and promotional items; Find out the dates of production for items; Answer those persistent questions that have baffled collectors for decades; Determine the value of your decorated PYREX items and sets; Recognize if your items are rare or valuable; and Price your items for resale.

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