Qualities of Effective Principals

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What does it take to be a good school principal? No two principals work in exactly the same way, but research shows that effective principals do focus on a core set of factors that are critical to fostering success for all students. In Qualities of Effective Principals, James H. Stronge, Holly B. Richard, and Nancy Catano delineate these factors and show principals how to successfully balance the needs and priorities of their school and continuously develop and refine their leadership skills. Throughout the book, the authors provide readers with helpful tools and extensive research that will help them to Develop a blueprint for sustained school leadership Create an effective school climate for learning Select, support, and retain high-quality teachers and staff Assess instructional high quality Build a foundation for organizational management Create, maintain, and strengthen community relationships Make contributions to the professional educational community Define their critical role in student achievement This book also includes practical skills checklists, quality indicators and red flags for effective leadership, and an extensive annotated bibliography. Qualities of Effective Principals is an excellent resource for both experienced and new principals committed to developing and leading strong schools that help all students succeed.

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