Real Christian Fellowship (Yoder for Everyone)

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How can we resolve conflicts as Christ commanded? How can we embrace equality and share finances and possessions? Is there an alternative to both individualistic varieties of faith and versions that idolize community? John Howard Yoder presents a compelling vision for Christian fellowship rooted in who God is and what God has done. Here, finally, is a collection of Yoder's writings for the rest of us—practical, yet as engaging as ever. Yoder speaks of the Christian's call to a life that is drastically different from the pattern of this world. Book Three in the Yoder for Everyone Series. These early essays and speeches from one of Anabaptism's premier theologians—most previously unpublished—are formatted and edited in a fresh presentation for Christians today. Other books in the Yoder for Everyone series: Volume 1: Radical Christian Discipleship Volume 2: Revolutionary Christian Citizenship

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