Resurrection After Rape: A guide to transforming from victim to survivor

  • ISBN-13: 9780615209661
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Updated 2013 Edition! Expanded with new content! From the resurrectionafterrape website: Looking for a book about rape that's not depressing or boring, but doesn't avoid deeper emotions and questions either? Resurrection After Rape is a deeply-moving, powerful guide for women recovering from rape. What sets this apart from other books on rape is that this one isn't written only by a therapist; it's a collaboration between a therapist (and a male, at that!), and dozens of rape survivors who contribute their insights, journals, and art. Reading this book is like having your own room full of women who have succeeded in rape recovery, all of whom offer their guidance. Issues addressed include shame, depression, substance abuse, self-injury, spirituality, medical care, PTSD, flashbacks, and panic attacks. Contains the journals, art, and stories of dozens of women who have successfully recovered from rape. This is not a book of cliches and superficial suggestions; it acknowledges the real anguish of rape trauma while offering real hope and answers through the first-person narratives of dozens of women who have actually used its methods to recover.

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