Roof Framer's Bible: The Complete Pocket Reference to Roof Framing 2nd Edition

  • ISBN-13: 9780964335431
  • $43.77

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Roof Framer's Bible includes all the information needed to frame any gable, hip, shed, or gazebo roof - including those irregular "bastard" hip roofs for which rafter tables have never been available. When you are in the middle of a job you don't want to stop and play mathematician. Now you don't have to. This book puts the answers right at your fingertips - every length, every cut, and every miter. Can't remember all those key strokes for the Construction Master Calculator? You don't have to. This book includes tables for standard pitches and 68 different pitch combinations of "bastard" hip roofs. Don't curse the architect! Let this book make you an accomplished master of irregular pitched roof systems. New bilingual edition - includes a Spanish translation in the back of the book. This book has it all!* Exact lengths of all rafters including all regular and irregular hips, valleys, commons, and jacks.* Lots of illustrations and easy-to-follow example problems.* Details cuts and bevels for all rafters.* Gives rafter runs to locate ridges and framing points.* Roof sheathing cuts and angles.* Fascia cuts for roofs with square cut rafter tails and sloped soffits.* Rafter tables for Octagons, Hexagons, and other Polygons.* Easy layout tips for arches and ellipses.

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